An island for you

Yoga Retreat at the lighthouse Plocica 28th Jul - 4th Aug 2018

The real meaning of a retreat is the place where you can be completely with yourself, with less disturbances than usual, like in the big cities, work, family, relationship etc. This island is a perfect place for a retreat, very little, but only for us, the adventurous yoga group!

Have you ever tought you can sleep in a lighthouse? It´s possible - on this miniature island called Plocica, half an hour boat drive from Korcula island.

Depending on the feeling of the group we can practice antar mouna meditation in silence, that means: silencing the speech, silences your mind.

The meaning of this retreat is really to stay for one week at this beautiful spot of Earth, but if we want, we can organize some boat excursions to the nearby places spontaneously with beautiful bays.


Shared double room:

590 € (double bed)

Shared double room:

690 € (twin beds)

Single room:

790 €


- accommodation

- every morning yoga class 90 min

- transfer to and back to the island Plocica (from Prigradica - Korcula island)

- vegetarian or vegan breakfasts and dinners (lunch - depends on the group, day plan etc.)

- clearing your life path, meditations - free

Inquiery Plocica Yoga Retreat


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